Valuation and Recovery.

We have partnered with ESMIV Auctioneers under Atlantech Logistics.

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ESMIV Auctioneers are fully pledged, Licensed Auctioneers service oriented agency

Our private and corporate clients choose us for our exceptionally high levels of service, value and expertise. It’s our ongoing commitment to meeting client demands that motivates our team and forms our culture. Clients look to us for experience, promptness, efficiency, keenness and availability. We are very enthusiastic, determined and love to help you with your business, likewise, we are taking precautions to ensure a smooth business relationship with all our clients by partnering with ESMIV Auctioneers just to be legally and financially safe. Therefore, any purchase of our services, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions of our contract that would be presented to you in advance.

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